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PEPPERMINT TWIST: THE MUSICAL – A New Live Dance Musical Theater Production
Executive Producers:  Joey Dee, Steve Kulyk – Peppermint Twist, LLC


Stage musicals that utilize previously released popular songs to tell their stories have become a highly profitable endeavor on Broadway, in the West End of London, and in theatres and touring companies around the U.S. and the world.  From the first jukebox musical, Ain’t Misbehavin’, to more recent Broadway hits like Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia!, Rock of Ages, etc.,  these productions have a built-in audience before they even open.  Baby Boomers open their wallets see these shows over and over again. And they share their enjoyment and experience with family, friends, neighbors and in particular use Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc… for the whole world to know. And it goes viral on the world wide web.
Baby Boomers are the target audience for musical theater.  Boomers have the most disposable income and are eager to revisit their youth.  They comprise 76 million Americans — almost 30% of the U.S. population, and the vast majority of the work force, continuing to work even beyond their peak earning and spending years.  Baby Boomers nostalgia has proven to be one of the great American economic engines.  This very large senior citizen group buys theatre tickets.
The music and dance, you identify with when you’re young, stick with you the rest of your life, say  researchers  who study the marketing of nostalgia. It’s  sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.  When [the throwback acts] sing and dance their songs, everyone in the audience could probably sing every word and dance step.  There’s something so fun and amazing about that.  People know more hits from the past than they do from the current artists.
For a Theater goer, It’s a reminder of a better time. It creates an emotional connection between the stage and audience. Rock N’ Roll nostalgia enables consumers to relive memories. For instance, people tend to most prefer musical recordings that were released when they were teenagers or young adults –  They might not remember what they had for lunch, but they can sing along with Sinatra and know all the words,” Or dance The Twist and feel like they have not lost a step.
In 1961, Joey Dee took the nation by storm with his number one hit single, Peppermint Twist , and started a dance revolution with The Twist! He is the “Godfather” of The Twist and to this day still performs and has a huge worldwide following. We are going to bring back The Twist to familiar audiences and introduce it to a new generation hungry for fun dance moves, good times, entertainment and uplifting songs that everyone can enjoy.
A few former Starliters band members were Oscar winner Joe Pesci playing the guitar. And Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar. And the Rascals and the Ronettes also Starliters. The Beatles were the opening act for Joey Dee & The Starliters and the Beatles visited and danced the Peppermint Twist on their first visit to the USA and the Peppermint Lounge.
In 1960, New Jersey born Joey Dee and his Starliters landed their largest gig at a dive bar known as The Peppermint Lounge located in New York’s Theater District, adjacent to Hell’s Kitchen. No one ever imagined that after one rainy night a New York society editor with famous celebrity connections and entourage in tow would come into the nightclub to stay dry and ended up discovering and writing about the new dance craze…..The Twist. Immediately thereafter, the former bar to sailors, dockworkers, hookers and the mob would turn into a melting pot for the “who’s who” of famous New York society, major A-List Celebrities and Royalty. As a result of the music and dance movement, a fashion movement was also launched at the legendary “World Famous Peppermint Lounge.
After that tabloid article and Joey Dee’s number one hit song Peppermint Twist, Joey and The Twist dance became household names. Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray began offering Twist lessons. There was a Twist Night at The White House. The Twist became a dance phenomenon and EVERYONE was doing it! It literally took over America and ultimately the World.
Peppermint Twist has ENDLESS possibilities for merchandising, marketing, corporate sponsorship, advertising and music related events. National tours, international productions, motion pictures, and merchandising produce substantial revenue streams that often surpass a Broadway run.  This fun dance musical has enormous profit potential! It is with this model that we plan to launch The Peppermint Twist.

Peppermint Twist The Musical